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New Vaping Consequences
Effective February 18, 2019
Please click the link for more information:
To:  Parents of Bloomington ISD Students
Vaping has become a major health issue facing teens across the nation.  We are contacting you because we have a concern about vaping and e-cigarettes use at both Bloomington High School and Bloomington Middle School.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released this information in a letter sent to school districts recently:
“Just 7 years ago, e-cigarettes were relatively unknown; but today, teens are seeing them used in high school bathrooms and classrooms, at parties, and in social media.  In 2017, just over 1 in 10 students currently used an e-cigarette; now it is up to 1 in 5.  That is more than 3 million kids, and after several years of decline, overall tobacco use is up, largely due to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes.  Additionally, many teens do not view these products as harmful and some are not even aware that most e-cigarettes contain nicotine.”
Because we have seen an increase in the instances of vaping, and because we care about the health and safety of all BISD students, we are changing the consequences for a student vaping and/or having vape/e-cigarette paraphernalia on campus or at a school-sponsored event.  Beginning February 18, 2019:
1st Offense –
5 days of In-School Suspension
Athletics & Extra Curricular Events -  No games/events during the 5 days of ISS and athletes will have punishment for every day of ISS.

2nd Offense –
Placement in the Discipline Alternative Education Program for 20 Days.
Athletics & Extra Curricular Events – No games/events/practice during the 20 days of DAEP; 10 miles of running before any games or activities in athletics.

3rd Offense –
·         Placement in the Discipline Alternative Education Program for 45 Days with a review after 30 days.
·         Removal from athletic program for 1 year.
  Note:  Clubs and organizations may have additional consequences for their members.
Please take some time to study the enclosed information to educate yourself on the dangers of vaping/e-cigarettes.  Please discuss this information with your child(ren).  If you have any questions or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.  By working together, we will uphold our commitment to strive for excellence and help our students have a wonderful BISD Bobcat experience and a bright future.

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